Perfect Violet Hunt is a blog about hybridising African Violets. I will try to create new cultivars of miniature violets and will document the process in this blog.

I will also experiment with AVs culture, trying to find the best system for my conditions. I will have to learn a lot about plants biology and genetics along the way, too.

Why blogging about such a specific topic in such a narrow niche? Well, on the one hand, I like blogging. On the other, this blog is my tool for keeping and organising records.

When I started looking for information on AVs genetics and hybridising, I found only bits and pieces here and there. And I had so many questions in the beginning!

  • How soon the seeds germinate?
  • Why did my seedlings stop developing?
  • Are they miniatures or not?
  • Why are variegated seedlings developing much slower?
  • Which ones to keep until the first bloom?

And I didn’t even start pollinating yet!

Having someone’s blog about that would be a great help for me. Well, I couldn’t find it, so I started one.