Battle for shelf-space

AV Culture

Seriously wondering why did I even bother installing lights on one more smallish shelf. Once I’ve finished with it and repotted 60 mini seedlings that were long overdue, and also put a handful of plants there, there is no space again.

It didn’t free any space on my other shelves – they were too crowded and now they are… well… slightly less crowded.

So I thought – shouldn’t I think like a pro? Pros kill more violets than amateurs – that’s the main difference, or so the AVSA newsletter says. So I killed 20+ seedlings that were way too big for minis, or too light sensitive, or had zero symmetry or were single dropper blue pansy type.

It didn’t really help with shelf space, which probably means I still have way too much of seedlings and most of them eventually will end up in the compost bin. However, I do feel guilty about that for several days now. I feel the urge to go outside and start digging in the compost bin – to rescue the discarded violets, to beg for their forgiveness, to learn my lesson and never ever do that to a violet again.

My initial plan was to have a handful of small African violets and start my own hybridising program with them. Having several handfuls and some more doesn’t help and is a way to nowhere. I have several seed pods growing on my plants, and hopefully, some more seeds are coming from overseas this months. So killing more violets make a perfect sense.

I just wish it didn’t feel like a brutal action. Stupid, I know.

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